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The following are University policies for visitors and members of the Mount Union community.

  1. Academics

    Academic Program Elimination and Teach Out Policy

    Academic Test Accommodation Policy 

    Exemplary Teacher Award Policy 

    Online Education Policy 

    Remote Student Learning Policy

  2. Administration

    Admission Application Decision Types Policy

    Animals on Campus

    Concealed Weapon Policy

    Confidentiality Policy

    Contract Review Policy

    Copyright Policy

    Crowdfunding Policy

    Determination of Student Location Policy

    Digital Signage Policy

    Emergency Management Plan Policy

    English Proficiency for Prospective International Students Policy

    Facility Usage and Fee Policy

    Fleet Vehicle Policy

    Gift Acceptance and Restricted Funds Management Policy *

    Incident Reporting Policy for International Students

    Inclement Weather Policy

    Informal- Formal Student Complaint Policy

    Information Privacy Policy

    Intellectual Property

    International Students Dual Citizens Financial Aid Policy

    Loss of Full Tuition Scholarship Policy

    Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status

    Minors on Campus Policy

    Mobile App Guidelines and Requests Policy

    Multiple Merit Awards Policy

    Official Social Media Sites Policy

    Outside Catering Policy

    Records Retention and Document Destruction Policy

    Remote Work Policy

    Security Camera Recording, Use, and Retention TEC 18.0

    Social Media Policy

    Student Vehicle Rental

    Student Employment and Hiring Policy

    Study Abroad Billing Policy

    Threat Assessment in Admission and Enrollment Policy

    Tobacco-Free Policy

    Travel and Reimbursement Policy

    Undocumented Student Aid Policy

    University and Third-Party Camps Policy

    University Identity Standards

    Volunteer Policy and Procedures

    *Requires access to Mount Union's student, faculty, and staff portal

  3. Finance

    Cash Handling Policy

    Gift and Gift Card Policy

    Green Sustainability Purchasing Policy

    Purchasing Card Policy

    Purchasing Procedure Policy 

    Supplier Diversity Policy

    Travel Warning Policy

    University Store Returns Policy

  4. Governance

    Acts of Intolerance and Harassment 

    Illegal Acts Disclosure


    Shared Governance Policy and Institutional Decision Matrix

    Statement of Business Conduct and Ethics

    Title IX

  5. Personnel

    Background Check Policy

    Blood Borne Pathogen Policy

    Campus Key Policy

    Death Notification and Acknowledgement Policy

    Domestic Partner Policy

    Employee Safety Policy

    Employment Policy for Faculty

    Employment Policy for Staff

    Immigration Financial Support Policy

    Nepotism Policy

  6. Student Life

    Emotional Support Animal Policy

    Health Center Follow-up Care Policy

    Student Handbook

    Student Social Media Policy

  7. Technology

    Account Creation Policy

    Backup Policy TEC 17.0

    Certificate Authority Policy

    Credit Card Security Policy

    Data Incident Response Policy

    Drone, UAVs, and UASs Policy

    Digital Accessibility Policy

    Environmental Print Policy

    Information Security Policy

    IT Change Management Policy

    IT Customer Service Policy

    IT Patch Management Policy

    Loaner Equipment Policy

    Mass Email Policy

    Mobile Device Policy

    Portable Equipment Usage and Liability Policy

    Remote Access Policy

    Team Sites Policy

    Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy

    Unified Communication Policy